Palouse - Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Overview

The facility is designed to meet advanced effluent standards as it is discharged into the Palouse River (Class AA and salmon habitat).  The facility was designed to achieve low effluent ammonia concentrations to allow discharge to the river. The project was funded with a WWP energy conservation grant, SRF, Centennial Clean Water grants and loans, Community Development Block Grant, and Small Town Environment Program's (STEP) community labor and volunteers.

Project work included Facility Plan, Engineering Report, design, construction phase services of a 0.2-mgd wastewater treatment plant.  The City retained Wilson to develop a more cost-effective plan than the $5.7 M facility previously proposed.  We developed and obtained approval on a facility with total project costs of $1.3 M. Due to this savings; grant funding was increased from 50 to 75 percent.  The facility consisted of mechanical screening, activated sludge, aerobic sludge digestion, stand-by generator, sludge dewatering, UV disinfection, influent lift station, control building, outfall and related facilities.

Client Contact

Mr. Don Myott, Operator
(509) 878-1345


Palouse, WA

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