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Land Surveying

Land Surveying is the professional application of land measurement skills and technologies for the purpose of determining the Earth's topography and the geometric relationship between its significant features.  It is also the practice of the specialized disciplines of legal research, deed analysis, boundary evidence recognition, and data analysis, for the purpose of calculating and marking the corners and boundaries of land parcels and subdivisions, according to their legal definitions.

Wilson Engineering's survey staff uses the latest geomatic tools, as well as the proven techniques of the past, in the pursuit of clear, accurate, and just representations of land ownership boundaries.  Wilson strives to anticipate possible sources of error and distortion, and takes pride in the accuracy of our survey data, and in the clarity of our products. The services we provide include:

GPS Networks Topographic Survey
Boundary / ALTA / Land Title Research Construction Staking
Long and Short Plats Rights-of-Way / Easements
Monument Networks 3-D Scanning
Control for Aerial Mapping Legal Descriptions

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