City of Ferndale Sewer Comp. Plan & WWTP Facility Plan

Project Overview

Prepared a complete Sewer Comprehensive Plan for the City of Ferndale wastewater treatment plant and sewer system. Plan included assessment of the infrastructure in the entire sewer system, quantifying current and future loads, hydraulic model of the system including 17 pump stations, capital improvement plan, infiltration and inflow assessment, and treatment capacity upgrade planning. Implemented a biosolids land application program that cut solids handling costs in half.  Completed Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Plan for $25 million upgrade. Upgrade converted aerated lagoons to extended aeration activated sludge treatment with UV disinfection. Biosolids are stabilized long term and land applied on adjacent farmland. Completed full update of the General Sewer Plan concurrent with the Facility Plan. Sewer Plan included growth and demand projections, computer modeling, infrastructure evaluations, pump station and SCADA improvements, and $80,000 Capital Improvement Plan.

Client Contact

Director of Public Works
City of Ferndale
(360) 384-4006


Ferndale, WA

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