Moses Lake Wastewater Treatment Plants

Project Overview

Engineering consisted of design, permitting, and construction administration for both Moses Lake Wastewater Treatment Plants; Dunes and Larson.

The Dunes plant is a 4.0 MGD facility designed to meet advanced effluent standards and used to recharge groundwater. The plant consists of two Extended Aeration Activated Sludge treatment systems, Trojan UV disinfection, mechanical screening with aerated grit chambers, Long Term Biosolids Digestion Basins (LTBDB), plant pump stations, and related facilities. Both Moses Lake plants continually receive awards for treatment compliance.  The extended aeration system is easy to operate and forgiving to shock loads and peak flows.

Includes rangeland enchancement by surface application of Biosolids.

The Larson plant is a 0.75 MGD facility designed to meet advanced effluent standards and used to recharge groundwater. 

Project work included, industrial waste surveys, developing Facility Plans, design and construction administration for wastewater treatment facilities consisting of mechanical screening, extended aeration activated sludge basins, aerobic sludge digestion, sludge dewatering, UV disinfection, influent lift station, rapid infiltration, and related facilities.

Wilson Engineering also performed design, permitting, and construction administration for the City's Central Operation Facilities Headworks.  The projected consisted of two aerated grit basins followed by dual mechanical screens and bypass channel. The headworks is sized to handle 4.64 MGD. The project also included an 800,000 gallon emergency overflow equalization basins.

Client Contact

Mr. Richard Law, P.E., City Engineer
Phone: (509) 764-3782

Tony Pfluger - Wastewater Supervisor
Phone: (509) 764-3966


Moses Lake, WA

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