Wilson Engineering provides precise, verifiable marine and riverine topographic data, sub-bottom stratigraphy, and aquatic vegetation mapping services to Ports, Marina owners, and Flood-Plain Managers across Washington State.

Hydrography is the mapping and characterization of submerged land surfaces.  With the advent of high-accuracy GPS survey equipment, and advancements in depth-sounder and data integration software in the 1990's, Wilson developed new methods for performing bathymetric surveys to establish submerged surface elevations.  As a variety of sensors such as side-scan sonar, multi-beam bathymetric scanners, and sub-bottom profilers became viable consumer-grade technologies, Wilson expanded its skill base to provide richer surface, and sub-surface, data.

Key Projects

Port of Bellingham - Whatcom Waterway Cleanup & Marina Development

Hydrographic and upland topographic survey of Bellingham Bay to support environmental cleanup design and marina development.

Whatcom County - Nooksack River Transects

Field hydrographic/topographic survey of Nooksack River from delta to confluence, and portions of the South Fork; and adding control monuments along river.