While construction inspection is often a subset of our construction management services, we do offer stand-alone inspection services. Our clients have used our insepctors to supplement their staff, or for specific projects such as developer extensions.

We offer structural evaluations of buildings and foundations.  This includes condition surveys of foundations, buildings, pre-purchase investigations, and analysis of foundation cracks.    In addition, we have the capability to perform seismic analysis, from evaluations for banks, the GSA, and full seismic upgrades of older buildings.

Key Projects

Blaine - Drayton Beach Subdivision

Contract inspection for City of Blaine of new developer-constructed utilities and roads to required for a new 90-home subdivision.

Lake Whatcom Water-Sewer District - Geneva Water Intertie

Planning, design and construction phase services including full-time inspection for a 1-mile intertie connecting two District water systems.

Bellingham Housing Authority (BHA) - Lincoln Square Apartments

Seismic analysis and design of repairs for Bellingham Housing Authority eight-story apartment community.