As society becomes more regulated, some type of permitting is now an integral part of nearly all projects. Wilson Engineering understands that the extent of regulatory permitting a project is subjected to can sometimes be moderated by the approach taken to meeting the project goals. We strive to identify the most innovative and efficient project designs while keeping regulatory compliance requirements in mind.

Wilson Engineering has experience in:

  • Conditional Use / Special Use
  • Shoreline Exemption
  • Shoreline Substantial Development
  • Land Disturbance, Grade & Fill, Commercial Building Permits
  • DNR Reclamation Permits
  • Hydraulic Permit Application
  • Joint Aquatics Resource Permit Application (HPA/JARPA)
  • DNR Aquatics Lease
  • BNSF Right-of-way
  • WSDOT Right-of-way / Utility Franchise
  • NPDES: WWTP Discharge, Municipal Stormwater, Construction Stormwater
  • DOE Biosolids Permits

Key Projects

Beaver Creek Culvert Replacement

Design, permitting, and construction management for the replacement of a degrading culvert with new bridge and stream re-alignment to mitigate failing gabion wall.

Eldridge Landfill Cleanup

Civil engineering sitework, stormwater engineering support, environmental compliance and permitting assistance, and and compliance monitoring survey for cleanup of the Eldridge Landfill site.

Munger Farms DOH LOSS Permitting & Design

Permitting and Design for 20,000 GPD LOSS Holding Tank.